Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Figs, Okra, Home Office. 7.22.14

Figs.  7.22.14
 When figs start to ripen, first it's one, then another one, then a couple.  Sometimes then, they start to ripen like crazy.  Right now it's a couple at a time.  I like that.  I don't feel like I have to eat more than I want.

The okra is growing like crazy in the new sunroom.  Today I saw the back-sides of the leaves were covered with aphids.  Washed a lot of them off.  Applied neem oil.  That didn't seem to much, at least not immediately.  Tomorrow, insecticidal soap.

For former dining room will by my home office / family room.  The former family room will become the dining room.  It makes more sense, due to the flow from the kitchen.  Also with the entrance to the sunroom.  Forgot  a before photo.  I only have energy for about 30 min at a time.  So after 2 months, ugly carpeting is gone, chandelier gone, walls repaired, sealed, and painted.  Next is bamboo flooring and re-install, seal, paint the trim, and install ceiling fan/light.  Then it's done.  There will be room for a seed starting stand in addition to a place to work on computer.
Figs.  7.22.14

Okra.  7.22.14

Home Office.  7.22.14
The new room feels like a big project, but as long as I don't mind an unfinished room, it's just baby steps.

The room is not about gardening, but it is where I'll write about gardening when not in the sunroom.


  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    So many updates! I have a lot to catch up on!

    I just popped in to show you this:


    I know you like to graft, yes? Maybe this can be your next project. :)

    Hope all is well,

    Your Ridgefield Neighbor!

  2. Neighbor, thank you! That many-colored fruit tree is beautiful!

    If they grow, my "unknown" plum will have cerasifolia (small red, richly flavored, red leaf, red juice), Hollywood, Shiro, Toka, and whatever else I can find. That's a long way from 40. Next year.... maybe off to the Home Orchard Society for scion! I could add a few more if I get the ambition.

    I haven't posted on it yet, but I also tried bud-grafting a young lilac, which has a single trunk, with 5 other lilac varieties. All of the buds appear to have taken. That's much better success than I had with whip-and-tongue-grafting lilac. I imagine it will be 2 years to see if they bloom and result in a "bouquet lilac".