Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Seedlings. 7.7.14

Morning Glory Seedlings  7.7.14

Holllyhock "Happy Lights" seedlings   7.7.14

Hollyhock mixed double seedlings.   7.7.14
These are the seedlings I started in June. 

I started morning glory seeds because Ning wanted some fast vines, and I ran across the seed packets in Lowes.  I don't know if they will actually bloom this year, but no harm trying.

The hollyhocks are planted now for next summer's flowers.  There is a lot of conflicting info on the internet.  The first - mixed double varieties - I also bought the seeds on impulse at Lowes.  Then, researching the internet, most Alcea rosea - like those mixed doubles - have problems with leaf rust fungus di sease.  I'm sure that will be an issue here.  So I bought some seeds of a more rust resistant species, Alcea ficifolia "Happy lights".  I think the single flowers will be nicer looking, too. 

The A. ficifolia were started  about 2 weeks after the A. rosea,but I think they will have plenty of time to catch up.  The seeds can be planted summer to early fall.

I also planted columbine seeds.  Not up yet.   I have some carnation seeds, which I want to plant soon, if I get the energy.  This is a good time of year to start some of next year's perennials from seeds.

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