Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Potatoes Are Growing. Planted Onion Starts.

Potatoes, planted in feb.  4.17.17
 With the chill and rain, I wondered if the potatos that I planted in February rotted.  Almost all of them have emerged, now, so they are fine.  Last week I planted the russets, which were very slow to chit.  So they are not up yet.  There were some old sprouted potatoes in the garage.  I panted a few that had the shortest - about 6 inch - and stoutest sprouts, and sent the rest to the compost pile.

Collards are starting to bold.  They had a good run.  Still some leaves to pick and cook.

Onions that I planted last month are beginning to look darker green and stouter.  I had enough unplanted seedlings in containers for 4 more 8-foot rows.  They look really puny in the rows but maybe they will perk up soon.

Garlic is about a foot tall.  This year I grew it in the open beds.  I don't think deer or rabbits usually eat garlic plants.  They ate some when they first sprouted last fall but all look good now.  Weeds are harder to hoe out in those beds, it rained too much for me to hoe and the weeds got out of control.  I weeded them yesterday.  Looks like we can get a big crop of good garlic this summer.

Overwintered Collards.  4.17.17

Onion Plants after One Month.  4.17.17

Onion Seedlings.  Ailsa Craig and Patterson.  4.17.17

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