Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Planting Two Grafted Chestnut Saplings. 4.4.17

Grafted Chestnut Saplings.  4.4.17
The two grafted chestnut trees from Raintree arrived yesterday, so I planted them.  The smaller one doesn't look like much.  The larger one is OK although the pruning was kind of harsh.  I guess that is needed for shipping.  The varieties are Maraval and Marigoule, Euro/Japanese hybrids.  They have deer fencing, and I will add the vole barrier tomorrow.

It's always amazing to me that bare root trees can survive, take off and grow.  I hope these do the same.

This completes the various things I wanted to do with the huge area of blackberries that I spent a year clearing.  Now there are 3 chestnut trees planted, and a dawn redwood.  The forest edge has perennials that I salvaged / rescued from the old yard, and the Hawthorn trees have grafts of Chinese Haw, Quince, and Asian pears, for fun/.  The back is planted with a row of Cypress, for privacy, reduce invasion from wild blackberries, and to prevent erosion.


  1. Question: When does one remove the tape where the grafting occurred? My new plum is grafted.

  2. I usually remove the tape when the graft has grown at least a foot. In my experience, by then the graft union is strong enough to support the growing top. I've waited longer, but by the time the growth is 2 feet, the tape seems to constrict. With less vigorous species, I might remove sooner if it looks like the graft took but just not growing yet - persimmons and ginkgo.

    If you mean the tree that you bought still has grafting tape on it, I imagine you can remove it now. I doubt they would sell a tree that didn't already have a firm graft union.

  3. Just saw a dawn redwood at the botanical garden in SF, wow what a nice tree with a wider canopy then the sequoia.

    1. Mine is starting to leaf out now. They are really beautiful.