Friday, April 21, 2017

Apple Blossom Log. Plum Blossoms. 4.19.17

Of the apple trees, the first to bloom, is Gravenstein.  About 10% to 20% of blossoms are open. 

Gravenstein is the first apple to bloom.  4.19.17
Of other varieties, the next are North Pole and Golden Sentinel, each of which has a few open flowers.

None of the others in my yard are open, although there are some buds that look close.

Of the plums, virtually all of the Asian and Asian x American hybrids are done blooming.  Ember is winding down.  I have what I think is Prunus americana, but might not be, grown from seeds.  That one is just starting.  I don't think it will do much good as a pollen source if it waits until the others are done blooming, before it starts.

Green Gage Plum is a little past peak bloom, and Stanley Plum is at peak bloom.  They may boost each other by cross pollinating, although both is considered self pollinating. My other European plums probably wont bloom for a couple of years, so time will tell.  Or not.

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  1. Gravenstein this yr for me not as good as in the past. Number of blooms went down and the tree have a slight mildew problem due to excess rain! I don't expect much of fruiting this yr. In comparison the Gala and Fuji is doing much better then Gravenstein which has bi-annual baring habits.