Saturday, November 12, 2016

Kitchen Garden. Sunchokes and Chinese Radishes. 11.11.17

Green Luobo Chinese Radish.  11.11.17

Sunchokes.  11.11.17
Even though I don't do much in the vegetable beds, they continue to provide interesting crops for cool weather use.  The Chinese Green Luobo Radishes, planted late summer, finally plumped up very nicely.  The Jerusalem Artichokes / Sunchokes were growing in an out of the way spot.  They were planted, I think, in 2014 and I gave up on them because either deer or rabbits ate the plants.  This year two big Jerusalom Artichoke plants grew in that spot, and here is the harvest today from one of those.  Tasty, crisp, a little peppery.  Nice.


  1. I used to grow sun chokes; I don't know what happened to them. They were on the East garden. I will grow them again, they were very nice plants.
    I have never seen a Green Luobo Chinese Radish. The review are good at
    Have you tried shredding them, i.e. horseradish style?
    I will try them in my fermented jars next summer.

  2. I have shredded the radishes and added some vinegar. Then just eat fresh, no cooking. That makes for a good treat or snack. They are also good in soups. Basically, I think you can do anything with them that you can with most other root vegetables. The flavor is mildly peppery. The chickens love eating the big leaves, too.

  3. Looking at your harvest reminds me to dig mine up to give it away. My stomach can't tolerate it although it taste good to me. For the green radish I've put it in beef soup with the white turnip and red carrot. Its a very balancing soup to nourish and cleanse the digestive system. White turnip and the green radish have traditionally been a classic Chinese recipe.