Friday, November 04, 2016

Nikita's Gift Persimmons. 11.4.16

Nikita's Gift Persimmons.  11.4.16
About 10 days ago, maybe less, I cut these persimmons from the tree.  They were firm and fully colored, although not as red as now.  I placed them in a plastic bag with 3 apples for ripening.  Now they are as soft as a slightly overripe tomato. 

I sliced in half and scooped out the jelly-like contents with a spoon, eating like a small cup of pudding.  Excellent sweet flavor, with a spicy element similar to clove or cinnamon. 

So now I know, at least these persimmons can be grown and ripen in my cool summer, short season Southwest Washington State climate.  So good.

There are some Saijo to follow.   A little behind Nikita's Gift, but not by much.


  1. How is Nikita's gift doing for you this year? I got it here in Seattle based on your recommendation. I am trying Nikita, Saijo, Jiro, Izu and Rojo Brillante here (some are grafts). Only Jiro has fruits so far. I have high hopes for Nikita and RB.

    1. Ram, those sound like good varieties to try. Nikita's gift is looking good. Two dozen, maybe three dozen, persimmons. They are beginning to change color to orange now. Not quite ripe. Same for Saijo, maybe 2 dozen. Those trees are in their 4th year, I think. I've eaten several from my Yates American Persimmon. The rest of those should be ripe in a couple of days. I think that one is in its 3rd year, and this was my first taste of them. Very delicious, smaller, not as sweet but more richly flavored.