Monday, November 14, 2016

Planting Ginkgo Seeds. 11.14.16

Planting ginkgo seeds.  11.14.16
I decided to plant the ginkgo seeds that I collected without cleaning off the punguent seed coat.  It's not that difficult, but I just wanted to get them planted.

These are from 2 female trees about 3 miles apart from my part of Vancouver WA.  They are different source from the ones that I obtained 3 years ago.  The aim is for genetic diversity.

Most references state the seeds need to be cleaned before planting.  I don't know why.  Maybe they will grow, maybe not.

I am planting directly in the kitchen garden, no refridgeration or scarification.


  1. It looks like an interesting experiment. Looking forward to its development.

  2. Joan, I've seen little ginkgo trees growing near old ones, so I think they will grow OK via self-planting. If so, this should also work. I still have left over seeds, so maybe I will clean some and plant, as my control experiment. Not that I will know what to do with them, if they all grow :-)

  3. Eager to see your experiment out come. My seeds didn't germinate after I did the fridge and non-fridge trial. However the cuttings and various root cutting works OK. I suspect the that's a fertilization mishaps from the male and female tree.

  4. Lance, were your Ginkgo cuttings from dormant wood, or green shoots? I would like to try that method as well.