Thursday, November 10, 2016

Saijo Persimmons. 11.9.16

Saijo Persimmons, with Nikita's Gift for Comparison.  11.9.16

Saijo Persimmon.  11.9.16
I placed Saijo Persimmons into a plastic box with apples for ripening, for a few days.  They are now very soft and sweet with no atringency at all.  Nice flavor.  I think I like the Nikita's Gift better, but if I had not tried those, I would like the Saijo a lot.

Only 8 persimmons on the Saijo tree, but that's OK.  This is my first taste of this variety and this is the first year of any persimmons in my orchard.  Very nice.


  1. Thanks for the tip my fuyus did not ripen very well this year.

  2. Ben, there are various methods for ripening persimmons. I like using apples or bananas, because they produce the natural ethylene gas that ripens fruits. You can also freeze, then thaw, the persimmons. I tried that but I thought the flavor was less and did not care for the texture.