Thursday, November 27, 2014

Schlumbergera. 11.27.14

Schlumbergera.  11.27.14
This is my oldest Shlumbergera.  Started from cuttings, about 2003 I'm guessing.  Nice salmon color.  Just beginning to bloom.

No special care.  Outside East side of house in shade for the summer.  Water when I think of it  Bring back inside in October.


  1. That looks awful similar to my Shlumbergera, I would call mine coral. Yours didn't have all the sun damage that mine have due to tremendous cruel treatment and neglect.

    Linden trees remind me of my time in PA, when I was in my late teens and early adulthood. They are good for drawer bottoms. Lots of them in PA growing wild. I think they call it Basswood most of the time. Thanks for the fascinating info.

  2. Lance, your Schlumbergera is a great color! Most flowers of this species have such bright color, they look like neon lights. Great on a gloomy winter day.

    I look at basswoods as true American trees. I look at Paw Paws then same way. Of course, there are hundreds of other species that fall into that category too. I saw a couple near the county courthouse here, otherwise I almost never see one.

    The name, basswood, comes from the fiber under the bark, "bast" that native people used for making rope and cloth. The "Little Leaf Linden", such as "Gereenspire", Tilia cordata, is known in Europe as "Lime" although it has no relation to actual limes. It's a coincidence of language.

    For me, of course, one of the main points is nectar and pollen for honeybees. I want as much for them as I can provide.

  3. Lime tree too, I never know that fact. Talking about bees, we have very little sighting in the city. The honey bee's been disappeared. If you want a pollinator plant I would suggest catnip. I accidentally have one in the herb patch and have a lot of native bees and beneficial flies. The downside of that is the cat loves it and you'll have more then one cat!

  4. If the cats eat mice, rabbits, and voles, they are welcome!

    I do have some catnip. My bees liked it too.