Saturday, November 08, 2014

Fall Chores. Leaf Harvest. Mulch. Perennial Border. Tree Progress Report. 11.8.14

Tree Row.  11.8.14

Tree Row.  11.8.14
 Leaves are collected from the big maple.  It took some effort.  It's our tree, but near the neighbor yard.  If I don't get them, they collect and burn.   I don't want to argue.  So I collected when I could.  This was a lot of leaves, none the less. 

Instead of a large leaf pile for compost, I piled them around trees and shrubs for mulch.  Seedlings of weeds were beginning to grow in the grass clipping mulch I applied early summer, now wet.  The leaves will kill those weeds and add more nutrients to soil.  The worms will like them.  Once I mow, it will look neat.

Tree row - most look good, becoming established nicely.  Linden, laburnum, Crimson maple, Mountain Ash, all excellent growth.
Front Perennial Border, West  11.8.18

Front Perennial Border, East.  11.8.18
The only tree in this row that didn't make it was Kousa Dogwood.  My fault for not being aggressive about root pruning when I planted it.  Now replaced by Japanese maple, a volunteer from Vancouver yard, has a lot or promise and surprisingly large in its 3rd year.  Will need some formative pruning winter, no problem.  That one has nice green stems and reddish fall leaf color, weeping branches.  Nice.

Front border, the big western end is done.  Added cedar chips on top of the pine needles.  The pine needles were too sparse, would have allowed weed seedlings.  I hope this is low maintenance for a long time. 

The eastern end hasn't been started.  I have to pace myself.  Want to today but it's 1:00 and a ton of homework to do. 

I love the fog in the fall mornings.  Peaceful, soothing, mellow.


  1. WOW, Fog envy;-) I missed the fog so much! The famous SF fog seems to evaporate by global warming. I can count the foggy days that we have in 1 hand.
    We have a shared interested in leaves gathering. I put them underneath apple trees. However, I've to do weird things to get it. I take garbage bags in front of people's houses before the garbage collector take them to the dump. After the holidays, all the hay logs for decorations been dump and I got my truck and my other half to haul them home to mulch beds.
    In the community garden, other members who's ignorant, take away my leave mulch and said I litter and dirty the area!go figure.

  2. You and me both! In the past I to,d neighbors I would rake their leaves if they let me haul them away! They couldn't understand that concept!

    I didn't know about hay logs. They might not have them here.