Sunday, November 16, 2014

Horseradish. 11.16.14

Horseradish.  11.16.14
There are 4 plants I know of that are said to be better after a freeze.  One is American persimmon.  The others are Brussels Sprouts, Jerusalem Artichokes, and Horseradish.

I dug up one of the Jerusalem Artichokes - barely any to bother with.  I don't know why.  Might be the nitrogen boost I gave them.  I don't have any Brussels Sprouts or American Persimmon.

I planted the horseradish 3 years ago next to one of the little Cherry trees, to discourage moles.  Unless the mole likes piquant meals.  Now it's too close, and horseradish is difficult to get rid of once it starts.  Which is OK, I'll leave it there.

Here is what I dug out.  Nice and spicy hot.  Now to figure out how to make some horseradish sauce.

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  1. Sunchoke and horseradish did very well for me. And I have the same problem with horseradish, what to do with them?
    With sunchoke, you don't fuss with it except give it compost and I have a bumper crop every yr and my friends haul it away. Chinese people make soup and stir fried it. Brussels Sprouts' always tricky. One yr I planted at the wrong time, got a big plant but no sprouts. At my home garden, its not cold enough and the sprout never form. I've tried different varieties no luck so far but at the community plot always reliable cropping on all varieties. Do I need a cool summer? I have no idea.