Sunday, November 02, 2014

Puttering, a little. Tree protection. Bearded Iris Seeds. 11/2/14

No photos today.  Mostly homework, and fatigue.  Today the fatigue is rather bad.

I did cut more 1/4" hardware cloth sleeves to protect trees.  As long as I do a few at a time, I can get most protected before the coldest weather sets in.  Many already have sleeves from previous years.  The largest Greenspire linden needed more room, I added a larger sleeve for that tree.  Most of the figs and fruit trees are protected.

I also moved some fencing loops to shrubs that the deer like.  No effort.  I used those to support plastic tunnels last winter.  Coincidence, they are good size and shape to protect some shrubs.
Image of German Water Vole.  via

I've come to regard protection from animals as an inseparable dimension in gardening, equal to mulch, fertilizer, water, pruning.  In town, sometimes not such an issue.  In the country, it is.

Rain is near continuous now.  I like that.  It ranges from mist, to drizzle, to pouring, with some breaks in between.  Even in rain and overcast, sunroom is suprisingly bright.

Finally planted some bearded iris seeds.  Only a few seeds, from Pallida dalmatica.  No way to know if it was self pollinated or cross pollinated.  I would bet self.  If they grow, we may find out in a few years.

The image is not one of our local voles.  I image they look similar.  This one is a German water vole.   Despite their compelling cuteness, voles are not wanted.  They can kill a 10 year old tree by girdling the bark, in one night. 

That's about all. 


  1. While I was gone on vacation a mouse broke into the basement. I was hunting for it then while I was hosing the front yard it ran out the garage door. I have no idea where that mouse comes from but I always worried that they chew a hole from the outside and co-habit with me without my permission. My neighbor across the street demolished their garage and clear out a lot of brush, there's a spike of critter activity in my yard. They all have to live somewhere, sadly they always go where there's lots of food!

  2. here is the little guy who's been eating my figs. I dropped him off into a park and then the figs still disappears. I have let this particular one go many times thinking he was too little to go craw into my fig but I finally have no choice. Then I caught another one just like him. I guess there's many little possums in a litter.

  3. Both cute and repulsive at the same time. There probably are more from the same litter - they reproduce quickly.