Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Plant labels. 11..4.14

 Something to do when ill or otherwise laid up, and still having to do with gardening.  These are among the few types of labels I've used that last a long time.  They have little wires to attach to trees or plant stems.  Once the label is in place, it helps me keep track.  My memory of garden plants is good, but labels help a lot.


  1. I'm too cheap to buy them so I made them out of soda cans. I fold in the sharp edges but the corners can be still sharp so I burnish them with the hammer. Punch a hole with a nail and thread a copper/aluminum wire to attach to branches.
    here's how I make them



    use ball point pen to indent the word so far its been holding up.

  2. That's very clever!

    In the future, I want to make more from pop cans too. We drink almost no beer and even less pop. Haven't bought pop in years, and the last beer was to make beer bread, in bottles. Will keep my eyes open. There are lots around.

    I like - they are free. they are re-use instead of purpose-made. They last a long time. When not needed, they can be recycled.

    There was a good youtube on pounding copper pennies to thin layer, then using letter punch to make labels. Those were cool too. That needs the punch set, and an anvil, and a ball peen hammer. More work that pop cans, but still cool.

  3. In SF, the recycling have been too successful. The 2 of us don't drink soda/beer so we have to look very hard to get a hold of the empty cans. I learn how to do the label by observing the dahlia man at the garden and he always buy them and the ones he has was the folded aluminum ones not much difference then the one I copied.
    I have not seen the Youtube but I think there's a lot of sheet metals you can play with from the hardware stores; I use labels like no tomorrows and I can see you have a lot of variety of everything. Forget about the plastic labels the critters have toss them everywhere and all my roses/vegs all mixed up.

  4. I would have liked all of these label ideas a long time sgo. Why did't I think about it! :-). But now I know. Lots of good, free, environmentally friendly ideas.