Thursday, October 16, 2014

Smith Fig. 1.16.14

Smith Fig Tree.  10.16.14
 The containerized Smith Fig has been ripening a fig every few days.  They are small.  The flavor is in the "excellent" range.  I also have one in-ground.  It was killed to ground last winter in the historic freeze.  I should keep this one in container for another year.

The figs might be smaller or later due to the young age of the tree.  It is in it 2nd year.  Or because of container.  Or climate.  Or maybe they are small figs.  But they have been delicious.

Smith Fig.  10.16.14

Smith Fig.  10.16.14


  1. Your fig looks great. I think younger tree have less fruit. I have one that's about 3 ft and have about 20 immature small fruits but it just dropped off one by one. The mature tree with figs was attacked by some critters that chew through double netting. See link may work:

  2. I was very interested in this variety because some fig hobbyists consider it a super gourmet variety. The catch is, it's a Louisiana variety and might not have the same flavor in the cool Paific NW, and is not known to be winter hardy here. So this tree is a total experiment. I don't know what's up with me and Louisiana figs - I also have LSU Tiger and LSU Champaign. Both of which are absolutely delicious, but again, I don't know how they will do this winter. Last winter, all three that were in-ground were winter killed, but they were a set up for that as 1st year trees and I grew them too lush. They came back from below ground, and are less lush this time around, and I intend to protect them better. So we'll see... :-)

    Thanks for the link. It gets me to your home page. I would have to be on facebook to explore more, and I'm not up for that yet.

  3. In Louisiana most people don't eat fresh figs, not much fresh fruit/vegi eating for that matters. But fig preserves, fig desserts are fairly popular. The variety grown in the state have to be winter hardy. If you only grow then in the pot then they'll never get big, less fruit protection. Maybe one day, you either build a greenhouse or build some major wire cages to insulate the trees, I've seen blankets wrapping and plastic tarping. I've no idea how well it works.
    Too bad about the link, I use to able to see photos even not as members of facebook.

  4. How is the smith fig doing for you this year? Does it look like it will ripen its figs?
    How many did you ripen last year?

    1. Smith appeared killed by winter freeze this year, but made a comeback. Even the top branches survived. The brebas did not. There are small figs forming now. I dont know if they will ripen this fall. I had another Smith that was winter killed 3 years ago. Many other varieties survived, thrived, and produced. I dont think Smith is good for this area.