Saturday, October 25, 2014

What to do with squashes? 10.24.14

Two squashes for roasting.  Butternut and Verte et Blanc

Butternut.  Sliced and seeds/soft contents removed.

Did the same with the Verte

Ready to roast.  On parchment paper.

Baked 375 for 75 min.  Butternut is easily pierced with fork, but not Verte.

Blurry pic.  Butternut contents scooped out.  Pureed in food processor.

Same with Verte.  This one I froze for future use.

I used the butternut puree in the same amount as I would use canned pumpkin, for a pumpkin pie.  Flavor was excellent, richer than my usual pumpkin pie.  I might do the same with the Verte, for a blond pumpkin pie.  Or find a different recipe.


  1. I love squashes; just bough a butternut today, unfortunately I can't grow them as well as you.
    I saved the seeds from the ones I got from the market and planted one this yr and it did came true from seed but it only yield 1 squash and it took too much of my space so I better just buy them. I usually bake them or stuff them. what really is easy to grow here is merlatons or chayote squashes which I like to stuff them with rice, pepper and shrimp cajan style. You must be a good cook, I can't do pies if my life depends on it.

  2. Each year I find something new to obsess over. It looks like 2015 might be the year of the squash. There are so many great types, and more that look interesting.

    The butternuts are delicious! There is a bush type, but it still takes a lot of room. The summer squashes, yellow, green zucch, and scallop, are all great. Next year, looking at some Japanese varieties ( and heritage types, mainly French (

  3. I've been ordering from Kitazawa for ages. I used to operate a vegi stand at a farmers market at penn state college and all the asian people went crazy over the diakon radish and napa so I have to meet the demand. Its a great seed co. no GMO dependable products.
    I share seeds with my Asian friends and they go Ga-ga for free seeds/seedlings. They even gifted me seeds, telling me you have to grow this!

    I like french beans and carrots personally.