Sunday, June 02, 2013

Kitchen Garden.


Broccoli in container
 A few minor notes on kitchen garden.

The broccoli is ready.  I didn't know when to harvest.  One of the heads started to open its flowers.  So I waited too long.  Harvested the rest.  Left a few side shoots in case they decide to produce.

German chamomile is blooming like crazy.  The honeybees are not so enthusiastic about this plant.  They are much more interested in Ceanothis.  Blackberries within 10 feet of the beehive are starting to bloom, and honeybees are starting to show interest in the blackberry blossoms.

Okra seedlings are on their cotyledons.  Not bad.  I was surprised they sprouted so soon in  the rainy cool week.

Tomato plants are growing nicely.  No pic uploaded.

Also not pictured, we ate barley soup, with added fresh rosemary, parsley, and oregano, all from the heritage iris / herb bed.  Then today I had eggs with chives, and sliced chives onto left over barley soup.  All very good, great flavor.

We had the first fresh strawberries.  Most were not so good.  Woody.  I don't know why.  I don't think it's the variety.  I've had good strawberries from these plants before.  Maybe it was the deer/rabbit defoliation.  They have mostly recovered from that. A couple of fresh strawberries were perfect.

We had a few more snow peas.  The few plants don't bear enough to cook.  Ate them raw.  Next year try starting them in containers.  To get more plants.
German Chamomile

Okra seedlings

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