Sunday, June 09, 2013

Historic Iris & Culinary Herb beds, progress report.

Historic Iris / Culinary Herb bed #2
This weekend I move more irises to the second raised bed.  I learned from last year's experiences.  Moving late Spring / early summer did not result in any negative consequences, and the irises I moved at that time flourished.

The varieties I moved from Vancouver were:  Cherry Garden 1966 (small variety), Pink Bubbles 1980 (small variety), and Gay Parasol 1973 (tall variety).  Any iris more than 30 years post introduction year is considered historic.  That makes me historic too.  I also added Los Coyotes 1992 - not historic.   I planted woolly thyme, which it looks like will stay very close to the ground, which I want.  The marigold sweet alyssum seedlings are about 1 inch tall.
Historic Iris / Culinary Herb bed #1
The first Historic Iris / Culinary herb bed.  Still in Bloom:  Quaker Lady, Iris pallida dalmatica, Shah Jehan, and Iris flavescens.  Iris flavescens is especially florifeorous.

Roman chamomile is too rangy.  After bloom, it will have to go elsewhere.  Greek oregano is also too tall for the small iris plants.  Lime thyme, French thyme, and sweet alyssum are ideal size.

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