Saturday, June 22, 2013

Brugmansia cutting

Brugmansia cutting

Brugmansia new roots
 Not sure when I started this Brugmansia cutting.  It was mailed by a fellow gardener.  Started in a glass of water - maybe 3 weeks.  Changed water daily.  When roots were about one mm long, transferred to juice can / potting soil.  That was about 2 weeks.  Now roots peeking through holes drilled in bottom of juice can, so potted up.  Growing fast.  I won't predict whether it will bloom this year.
Brugmansia potted up


  1. Anonymous5:41 PM

    it depends on how old the parent plant was, when it was cut. Secondly it depends on how much sun it can handle and the quality of nutrients in the soil. It IS possible to have it bloom in a single year, yet the display will not be plentiful. 3-4 blooms at most. These are very hungry feeders, and it would do you well, to get it into at least a 3 gallon pot, before you will start seeing any remarkable blooming.
    The larger the better, but remember, these guys are gluttons for water and food....almost to the point where you can never over do it.

    1. This did well, but in the end I didn't have enough interest. Hot summer made it too hard to keep up with the thirstiest of container plants. I gave up on the brugmansias.