Sunday, June 02, 2013

Iris Raised Bed, heritage Irises

Heritage iris and culinary herb raised bed
 Heritage iris and culinary herb raised bed.  Now I wish I thought of this before.  They go together very will

Caprice.  The photograph color is not the same as the flower.  In person is is more of a rosy red, not so blue.  Nice sweet fragrance.  In the literature this is described as a grape fragrance.  That is not far off from reality.
Quaker Lady.  Also a nice sweet fragrance, floral.

Pallida dalmatica.  Also, sweet grape - like fragrance.  Sweeter than grapes.

Sold as Honorabile but Historic Iris Preservation Society states most likely Sans Souci.  No fragrance, which I knew when I ordered this variety.  I liked the appearance, and in person it is better than I anticipated.  Ideal little iris for this bed.  I don't know what I should call it, but leaning towards Sans Souci, since that is probably the right name.

Flavescens.  Also unscented, and also ideal for this bed.

Helen Collingwood.  I think I already posted that so will hold off doing so again.  Also nice floral fragrance.

Iris/herb bed #2 is also coming along nicely.  Both got a dusting of crushed eggshells this weekend for calcium.

Caprice 1898

Quaker lady 1909

Pallida dalmatica 1597

Honorabile 1840 (Sans souci? 1854)


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