Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Chicken House

The hens will be quite happy with their new house. It's a children's play fortress. There are no children around, so it's a liability. Clever construction, didn't want to waste it. The fortress has a 2nd level, built as a deck. It did not have a roof. The floor was plain dirt. I've added joists and a floor. That will be warmer and easier to clean and keep clean.
Last weekend I added a roof. Nothing elaborate, it's just chickens. We've joked that we may build a ladder inside for the chickens to go to the 2nd level and look over their realm. For this fall we will concentrate on the more practical lower level.
Next comes windows. I have old bathroom cabinet doors left over from a remodel, the right size. Some chicken wire screen, framing, and paint remains to be applied. And a door, with a chicken door. Maybe 2 weekends of work.

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