Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ginkgo seeds near harvest

My "source" for ginkgo seeds is nearly ready to harvest.  The seed-fruits now have a butyric acid odor, telling me they are starting to ripen.  I picked up a few.  Will pick up more and clean them next week.

This is one of the two female ginkgo trees in a block-long row of ginkgos. I imagine they were originally grafted trees on seedling stock, and the scions didn't make it. Allowing the rootstock to grow, giving the female trees. That's a wild guess. I can't tell, by looking, a female from a male ginkgo tree.
Here is the little ginkgo tree I moved to the Battleground place. A little sunburn on some leaves and remained droopy. It survived the end of the dry season. I think it will do fine. I'll look forward to new green perky growth next year.

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