Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ginkgo biloba seed preparation

It's pretty easy.
They've been in the baggies for a few days. I imagine that if I wanted to wait longer, I would need to refrigerate or keep them cool outside.
It's easy. The seeds mush out. Knife is optional. I did not wear gloves. For the sensitive, gloves are a good idea. Separate the seed from the pulp. Placed the seeds in a bowl of water. The pulp went into the compost. This was under a kitchen hood that vents outside. Working outside is a good option too. Otherwise loved ones will complain about the odor.
Rinsed under running water. Dried on paper towel. Once dry overnight, I'll keep in the fridge until planting.

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  1. you did put them in the fridge first. I wonder if they will sprout in the fridge if you put the seed in there with soil. Kind of messy