Monday, August 11, 2008

Tomatoes in the time of burnout.

There's love in the time of cholera. This is different, but you gotta do what you gotta do. The tomatoes do get watered, and I've been fairly diligent about pruning and tying them up. Much of the yard has been neglected this summer.

It's OK, though. Some things may need more care than they are worth. I've prioritized. Brown grass is not only OK but environmentally friendly. Once it's brown, it doesn't need cutting, weeding, or watering. The tomatoes are top priority, as are the fruit trees, ginkgos, and a few others.

See "yellow" for the first Lemonboy. It's not as big as last year. I suspect this is more due to the late start followed by instant heat, than to anything that I might have done differently. This continues to be the top performer large tomato in my yard. One of the 'black' varieties is starting to darken - not sure which one, the labels were mixed up.

We've been getting a few Sweet 100's for a week. Not a lot, but enough to remind me that it's worth the trouble. 1000-X better than any store bought tomato.

One of the tomato patches.

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