Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fig Progress Notes

One of my biggest gardening anxieties this year related to the figs. They got off to a late start, and lost their initial leaves to late frost. I wondered if I would get any figs at all this year.

The main crop figs started late, and seemed to grow slowly. With the recent hot weather, they seem to be taking off and growing.

Hardy Chicago - The figs are the size of a quarter. This variety is supposed to take a freeze that kills the top, and still grow back fast enough for a fall crop.

Petite negri - I thought about cutting this one down this year. The new growth did not look promising. Now it has more small figs than any of the other trees.

"Vancouver" fig - probably Brunswick. These are the largest of any of the main crop figs.

"Vancouver" again - The one and only breba. I ate it today. Very yummy! Sweet and tropical tasting.

Lattarula" - I wondered if this would have any. These are now the size of blueberries. They seems to enlarge from "almost-too-small-to-see", "almost-overnight". Will they be in time for a fall crop? Being on the South side of the house, this location may be warmer and encourage faster growth. Or not.


  1. Before I read where you're located, I thought you must be in the South! Beautiful cannas!

    I'm anxious to try some frost tolerant figs.

  2. This part of the Pacific Northwest is Zone 8, which has similarities to the South but probably not as humid.

    Thanks for the comments on the cannas. This has been a good year for them.