Monday, August 11, 2008

Ginkgo stats

This ginkgo grew 27.5 inches this year, with a final height of 75 inches. I don't think that it will grow much taller this year.

The smaller ginkgo grew 12 inches, then a bug ate the apical bud. It's now 37 inches tall. I pruned it back to the next bud, which I hope takes over at the new apical bud next year.

The largest ginkgo is about 15 feet tall. I cant reach the top with the tape measure. It;s in the center of the 'dog yard'. The added nitrogen from dog pee probably explains some of the rapid growth. It's been in the ground 1 or 2 years longer that the other two, but all of the seeds were started at the same time.

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    I mention your passion on my blog, thanks!