Monday, August 11, 2008

More beans

These are the Roma and French Yellow beans planted 7/26. My non-scientific assessment is that they are growing much faster than the Spring-planted bean patch, same varieties. The mesclun in the front row is also growing quickly.

Planted more today. Nothing lost if they don't produce, but if they do, we'll have some more fresh garden produce in the fall.


  1. Your beans look good!

    I was thinking about one of those lawn mowers. I borrowed one from a friend to try out for a while because my allergies were so bad that I'd be bedridden for a week after one mow. The manual mower doesn't kick up as many teeny tiny chopped up grass pieces. It just cuts each blade once and the blade lies down - doesn't soar in the air and up my nose like with the gas powered mower. Unfortunately, my lawn is bumpy, and I don't mow often enough. That manual is really hard if the grass is long...

  2. It's interesting to use this mower. It's so quiet compared to power mowers.

    The grass doesn't come out as perfect, and I do need to trim the edges afterwards. I dont' really care if it's perfect, though.

    It's more work, but I can afford to lose about 30 pounds, so that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    So far, it's simple to use, no fuel to manage, no cord to fool with. I like it.