Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kitchen Garden Progress Notes

Other than watering, most of the yard and garden has been neglected. This is due to work demands. The past 4 days have been 100 degrees. Watering eveything takes about 30 minutes. Most of the watering is limited to vulnerable plants / trees and the kitchen garden.

The veggies contine to produce. Cherry tomatoes came 'on-line' about one week ago with occasional ripe tomatoes, and now with a bowlful every day. LemonBoy has been producing for a week, but the first 4 had significant blossom end rot. I'll need to check on that - I thought it was an issue of calcium content of the soil, so used lots of crushed eggshell in soil prep this year. I hope that subsequent tomatoes are not so affected.

"Price" is the first grape to start changing color. This is the most it's had so far.

The yellow beans continue to produce a big bowl full weekly. Interestingly, to look at the plants, they dont seem to have any beans on them. The beans are hidden under the leaves. These are growing under the small Lattarula fig tree. The total space is about 9 square feet.

I also planted a new crop of Ning's "ChangChun" climbing beans, adjacent to the current ones that appear to be giving up. We'll see if they produce this fall.

I didn't realize that I liked zucchinis until growing them. It's interesting, the American and Chinese varieties seem to alternate production, so there is always one about to remove.

These beans were planted last month. They are growing quickly. I weeded and mulched with fallen bamboo leaves and dry leaves removed from the deck (cherry and sumac). Last week I fertilized with fish emulsion. An unforseen effect was that the dogs then got into the bean patch and dug them up. They like fish emulsion, a lot. But after replanting and watering in, I dont think that any were lost.

The front row is mesclun, also growing fast.

Peppers are producing now. They are stuck in the garden here and there, since I didnt have room for a separate pepper patch.

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