Sunday, June 22, 2008

Progress Notes

Sometimes when things get me down, it's time to add something to the yard or garden. Space is limited. In this spot was the world's ugliest rhododendron. Possibly the ugliest rhodie in the universe. It rarely bloomed, the flowers often turned brown before they fully opened, and this was my only rhodie that attracted insects - in this case, an unknown insect that eats big chunks out of the leaves, leaving them chopped-up looking and not very effective for growth. It's had 4 years for a chance, now it's out.

Goodby "Blue Peter" rhodie. In its place, a Japanese Maple, variety "Bloodgood". I have another of the same variety in the back yard, and despite being in a hidden corner, it's quite beautiful. Here's what one nursery has to say about it. Of course, they are not going to say "this is a really ugly maple, but we want your money so buy it now". Another description from the "Japanese Maple Store".

This tree is 45 inches tall. After digging out the rhodie, I made a hole about 6# deeper than required, emptied the 'special soil addendum" that is collected from the backyard "dog yard", and covered that with a few inches of regular soil. Since it's not right at the roots, it should cause any damage, but over the next year will be 'processed' before the roots reach that level. This worked fince for it's relative in the back yard, 5 years ago.

These "Fallgold" Raspberries are so good that they never make it into the house. I stand there and eat them off the plant.

The tomatoes are 15 to 21 inches tall, depending on location and variety. Many are blooming, and most have buds.

This allium moly surrounds a fig tree. I dont do anything to help it. The idea was that an onion-family plant might repel insects. I have no idea if that is correct.

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