Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ancient Palm Still Growing

Here is a link to the ancient Judean Date Palm that was grown from a 2000 year old seed. I can't post a photo becuse it is copyrighted.

Nice to see it is growing. Even if male, maybe it could be used as a pollen parent for new hybrids with modern varieties. Of course, what it most wanted is for it to be female. The it could be cloned and the actual dates would be Judean Dates, probably almost the same as the ancient varieties. My question now - if they can do DNA testing as noted in the article, then why don't they knoe if it is female? I understand gender in plant is different from animals, but still, it seems like DNA testing sould give an answer.

According to a wikipedia article, 2000 years ago there were thick forests of these palms along the Jordan River. The current date palms in Israel were imported from California, and originated in Iraq.

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