Sunday, June 22, 2008

Figs Progress Notes

So far this year the fig trees have had a difficult time. Early warm spell in late winter, then a hard freeze, then cold and wet, another warm spell, and the latest freeze in recorded record here. After a slow start, they lost the first leaves. Finally, there seems to be some growth and potential for late figs. At least they survived, and only one branch on one fig failed to grow.

Hardy Chicago. I'm not sure what caused the spots on the first leaves. The newer leaves don't have them. A couple of branches are at the 6-leaf stage, so I nipped out the terminal bud to encourage formation of figs. If the first leaves are very small, I didn't count them. If about 1/2 size, I did.

Lattarula. Very late start, None of the branches are at the 5-6 leaf stage yet, and many of the leaves are small. This tree suffered the most from the leaf drop.

Vancouver. This tree was the fastest to grow. About 1/3 of the branches are at the 5-6 leaf stage. The leaves are starting to grow out normal sized as well. There is one breba. This is the only tree with a remaining breba. That's not too much of a loss, since brebas have not been very successful anyway.

Petite negri. This tree had a number of brebas but they all fell off. Only a few branches are at the 6 leaf stage.

Desert King sapling, planted this winter. It is surrounded by bean plants, about the same size. Each branch is about 6 inches long, with multiple leaves, about 1/2 the size that I expect ultimately.

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