Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bathroom project. Status report.

Framing and pocket door installation finished. None of this was as bad as I worried. The pocket door part was actually fairly easy. Here it is, 1/2 way open. I used the level about a zillion times to make sure that it was plumb.

Now the wall has wallboard. I waited for the inspector's OK (verbal) for this. I was tired of the bedroom feeling like a construction site. Not completely done (wait for the NEXT inspection) but now feels like a bedroom again. Actually makes the room feel bigger, for some reason.

The pocket door actually works. Amazing. Also amazing, I actually remembered to get 1 1/8" drywall screws, and they didnt go through the pocket door frame. All-in-all, this part worked out nicely.
The photo is a bit distorted - the posts are actually parallel and vertical. The city had sent me a threatening letter, stating get it inspected or get a big fine. So I got it inspected. The inspecter said that he couldn't renew the permit unless I did a couple more things, mainly improve the joist strength. I had installed 1 2X10; he said that I needed to pair them. So here it is. You cant see in the photo, but the 2X10 at the top is paired, and the posts are bolded into the concrete floor. Also, nat as difficult as I had worried, and I didn't crack or damage the floor. This basement room is looking strange now, but it want from ugly-finished to just ugly over the past few years. Someday, when everything else is done, maybe it will be another bedroom and these posts will be part of a clost door frame....

It's strange. For the other bathroom, the inspector signed off on the framing before I got wiring and plumbing installed. This one says I have to get wiring and plumbing first. Plus, the other one renewed the permit for me. This one says that I have to call the city (atually, in their letter, I think tha tthe the city said that the inspecter could do it - but now I cant find the letter).

Anyway, a bit of progress.

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