Saturday, June 24, 2006

Brown Turkey Fig

This tree was very productive last year - at least 2 dozen figs. The flavor was "pretty good" - the Petite Netgri and Brunswick seemed more flavorful, but were not nearly as productive last year. It was overwintered in the garage on the coldest days this winter. In the Spring while still dormant, it was removed from the pot, as much soil removed as possible, and moved into a wooden container in hopes that the roots could keep cool.

Today the first signs of tiny main crop figs were visible. There are no breba (overwintered crop) because they all fell off after looking promising, in about April.

The soil is an organic mix, with a big handful of crushed eggshells for calcium, a handful of commercially available dried crushed fish bones, and a handful of organic slow acting tomato food.

Brown Turkey appears to be popular in the UK, and seems also to be known as "Brown Naples" which is interesting because this variety is thought to originate in the Provence region of France. I have not been able to find out why it is called "Brown Turkey". The Calimyrna fig originates in Turkey, but that is a different variety. Posted by Picasa

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