Monday, June 19, 2006


Veggies are better for you and better for the environment.

If you grow your own, then they can be free of pesticides, more flavorful, and there when you want them. You know where they've been. You can fertilize them with compost and coffee grounds.

There are lots of good arguments for avoiding meat. I used to think that every meal needed meat - but for 25 years, I've gone without. It isnt missed at all.

The main thing is that people just dont think that way. Even though I love eating food, I dont feel like I miss anything just because my diet doesnt include meat. I get the full effect of flavors that I think would be muted by meat. I love spices, strong flavors like garlic and hot pepper, and rich flavors like coffee and chocolate. I think that meat would leave my palate less able to taste those great flavors. But I realize I am in a minority.

If people just started to think of beef as the dietary equivalent of an SUV (conspicuous consumption, not necessary, bad for the environment, bad for safety and health) then maybe quantities used would decrease and people, and the world, would be healthier.

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