Saturday, June 17, 2006

More about ginkgo trees.

This is quoted from China Daily News:
December 2003

"Nomenclature Right for 1,000-year-old Trees to Be Auctioned

The Office of Old and Rare Plant Protection in Shanghai has announced it will auction the nomenclature right for 50 ancient and famous trees. The minimum price tag will be 10,000 yuan, and the maximum 300,000 yuan for one year for the No. 0001 Shanghai Old and Rare Tree, a 1,000-year-old ginkgo tree in Anting Town... proceeds from the auction would go toward taking care of and preserving these old and rare trees. Their sponsors will be included in the Sponsors of Old and Rare Trees Archives."

Click here for the article from ChinaToday

The ginkgo links in the side bar also provide information about ancient ginkgos, apparently over 3000 years old and still alive.

And this site is about someone 'getting rich' in China, selling ginkgo trees:

Ginkgo fossils in China.

Google translated from German (better than I can) article with nice photo of Ginkgo fossil.

Click here for information about ginkgo "nuts"

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