Friday, June 16, 2006

Why a garden blog?

The world is getting warmer. We need to reduce CO2 emissions from driving and using petroleum products.

The world is becoming more hectic and stressful. We need to find a source of peace and solitude.

Our food products are becoming more processed and less nourishing. The flavors are becoming more bland. We need to find ways to add more flavorful, more nutritious foods to the table.

We are losing touch with our own social history, forgetting where our food comes from, and how it came to exist. The garden is a way to connect with our past, our familys' past, and our social heritage. It can also be something to pass on to whoever follows, if they are interested. The garden can also be a way to stimulate that interest.

The garden is a resource for all of these issues, and more.

Even just thinking about the garden makes me feel more peaceful. Since I cant be out in the yard all day, every day, maybe this blog will provide aother outlet for 'puttering meditation' in the garden.

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