Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Persimmon Tree Updates. 6.6.18

Nikita's Gift Hybrid Persimmon..  6.6.18
 The persimmon trees are doing nicely.  I planted the Asian Persimmon "Saijo" and the hybrid  (D. kaki X D. virgiana cross) Persimmon "Nikita's Gift" tree in 2013, bare root from Raintree Nursery.  They've been bearing for at least 3 years.  My mower isn't working - normally I would have the grass cut shorter.  I'm trying to limb them up to make mowing easier, by eliminating deer cages, but they are not quite high enough for that yet.  Nikita's Gift continues to outperform Saijo, faster growth and more flowers.

Of the American Persimmons,  I planted Yates in Jan, 2015.   This tree was in a small tree pot.  It has been bearing for one or two years.
Again, I'm hoping to limb it up to make maintenance easier, while avoiding most deer damage.

Nikita's Gift Flower buds.  6.6.18
 Yates also has a good crop of flower buds, so I'm optimistic.

I think I bought Prairie Star American Persimmon  in 2014.  It had setbacks due to rabbit or deer browsing, but now looks vigorous and strong.  I'm not expecting flowers this year.
Yates American Persimmon Tree.  6.6.18

Many growers report that persimmons are deer resistant, but I've had significant damage from deer.  Since I don't want setbacks, I keep them caged and am working on growing them so that the low branches are  above the main deer-browsing height.
Yates American Flower Buds.  6.6.18

Saijo Persimmon Tree.  6.6..18

Saijo Persimmon Buds.  6.6.18

Prairie Star American Persimmmon Tree.  6.6.18

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  1. Looking good, Daniel! My male persimmons are blooming now with lots of honeybees. Happy to hear you're still heavily involved in "gardening".