Friday, September 30, 2016

Kitchen Garden Harvest. Sweet Corn, Figs, Tomatoes. 9.30.16

Tomatoes and Brunswick Figs.  9.30.16

Bodaceous Sweet Corn.  9.30.16
It's been a spectacular year for me in the kitchen garden.  Not everything works out, but the things that do are great.

Now is the end of September, and still harvesting tomatoes, sweet corn, and figs.

There are lots of other veggies out there too - peppers, radishes, collards, and others.

This corn variety was Bodaceous.  It's great, nice thick juice in the kernels.   Tastes like sweet corn.  Mirai was overly sweet and not very corn-like, watery juice.  Bodaceous is so much better.


  1. Such a great feast! Your labor pays off. My Tom harvest is only limited to the mini reds and some purple small size. Enough for a salad, flavor is much better then store bough. Not even bother with corn this yr.

  2. Lance, my tomatoes are all done now. Still getting peppers, and the fall root crops are giving some nice produce. Then there's all those pumpkins and squashes, more than I know what to do with. Life is good.