Saturday, September 24, 2016

Making Use of Extra Tomatoes. Tomato Sauce. 9.24.16

Tomatoes Harvested 9.24.16

SunnyBoy Tomatoes Chopped and Korean Red Pepper Added.  9.24.16
 I continue learning how to do things that turn out to be very simple.  Then I wonder, why did it take me so long?

This time it was tomato sauce.  After waiting all summer long for a taste of home grown tomatoes, there are now too many to eat fresh.  With considerable inspiration from my friend Rich, I decided to make tomato sauce.

This is simple.  Other than some peppers from the kitchen garden, nothing was added.  I will add garlic, onions, olive oil, salt, pepper to taste when I use the sauce.

The tomatoes were chopped.  Ditto for a few peppers.  In this case a Korean hot pepper.

Place in pan.  Heat to gentle boil.  The cell walls break down quickly, and gradually the tomatoes break down leaving a thick juice  and skins.  Simmer until volume decreases by about half.

I cooled a little, then poured into food processor to puree the skins along with the remaining tomato flesh.

About 15 Minutes into the Simmering.  9.24.16

Tomatoes and Home Made Tomato Sauce.  9.24.16
Then poured into jar to cool.  When cool, I transferred into freezer baggies to freeze.  Some went into the fridge to use in a couple of days.

I don't know yet how to can, and prefer to avoid botulism so may never can.  But freezing works well for a lot of foods, and gives us some summer sun during the gloomy rainy days of winter.


  1. Very useful post, Daniel. I have dehydrated (sun-dried) all the tomatoes (Romas) I want. And I wasn't sure what to do with my banana peppers (I prefer mild). I have my own garlic and onions, so it's all natural!
    And I'm with you--I never can, always freeze or dehydrate.
    Thanks for the idea.

  2. They are the best thing in the summer. Wow yellow tom sauce! Must be outstanding.

    1. Lance, it was too delicious for words. I almost hate to remove more from the freezer. I want to keep it for the worst days of winter, to savor the taste of summer tomatoes.