Saturday, September 03, 2016

Late Summer in the Kitchen Garden, 9.3.16

Lots of Peppers, tomatoes, and some okra.  Very happy with the yields this season.

Radishes, Chinese Cabbage, Daikon and Chinese Radishes.  Planted late July in space left when storage onions and potatoes were harvested.

Turnips, radishes, broccoli, and kohlrabi.  These need thinning now.

Okra plants still looking good.  Yield is not high, but a lot better than nothing.


  1. Nice. The only Fall planting I have is spinach.

  2. My seedlings are germinating but the tomato, sunflower and other stuff need to be pull out before the seedling have a place to go. Coon problem is finally turning the corner. My next door neighbor have installed a noisy high pitch sensor blasting them and another neighbor up the hill is catching them like I do. I like your nettings but that is nothing to deter a bad coon who likes corn.

  3. This is a belated response, computer issues. Updates soon. Harvests continue, I feel almost over-blessed.