Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kitchen Garden Update. 8.15.16

Peppers.  8.17.16
 Kitchen garden is at an in-between stage. 

Sweet corn is midway through the multiple plantings.  I have finished off the first to patches, 3 or 4 to go.

Tomatoes aren't as productive this year but we are getting a few every day.

The peppers recovered from what I think was planting too early in Spring.  They are lush and green and loaded with peppers.
Collards.  8.17.16

Red Stem Scallion Starts.  8.17.16
Okra Flower.  8.17.16
The okra plants are lush and vigorous.  I think the shorter row is Baby Bubba Hybrid, a more compact variety.  The taller ones were mixed, but I think most of the plants are the variety "Star Of David".  The first few okra flowers fell off without producing pods.  Maybe due to cool nights.  Maybe they didn't pollenize.  Yesterday I pollinated a few okra flowers.  The Pistol is dark brown, and the pollen is bright yellow.  It's easy to see the pollen on the pistol after I transfer it.  I hope that helps.
Lettuce, Cilantro, and Evergreen Bunching Onion Seedlings.  8.17.16

Peppers.  8.17.16
 I found a bunch of dried out scallions in a container garden.  These were grown from seeds in 2015, and the remaining plants abandoned due to lack of interest at the time.  They stayed alive despite no watering all summer.  I separated the plants and re-planted in the Battleground kitchen garden, 3 separate areas due to no room for all in one row.  They look droopy, but with a few sturdy green leaves.  I don't know what they will do, but no harm in planting them.

Summer-planted seeds have all germinated and all growing great.  We got a crop of radishes and a crop of salad greens.  More to come.  The turnips, Chinese radishes, carrots, lettuce, kohlrabi, and broccoli plants all show promise.  Definitely worthwhile project.

Fall Kitchen Garden Seedlings.  8.17.16

Turnips.  About One Month.  8.17.16
Red Stem Scallion Starts.  8.17.16


  1. Looking good, Daniel! Wish I could send you some of my tomatoes--I've got more than I can handle! I'm dehydrating Romas right now. They're easy to slice.

  2. yes indeed a good time to do more fall planting, Its kind of too cool for the beans to produce. My first set of pole beans have not done well due to rat problems, all were chew up as it start to make beans. Then the cool summer of SF got them. Now the second set of beans start to produce. It pays to have back-up plans.

    1. After this post my computer has been off line so I've been posting via I-pad. Unfortinately, thaty method didn't let me resopond to comments. Now able again.

      Looks like Labor Day has brought fall weather with it. I think I'm ready for the change! Those days over 100F were too much!

      Glad you are getting some beans. Beans are a great garden product.