Saturday, September 19, 2015

Walking Around. 9.17.15

Yellow Single Marigold.  9.19.15
 Random photos.

The heirloom french marigolds had some atypical plants.  A single yellow - the rest were doubles.  And a taller, looser double red.  That one had more marigold fragrance, looks like a reversion to earlier type.  I am saving seeds from both.  I like the difference.

Only 4 seeds from Ning's beans.  Not much to start a self-saved strain but better than zero seeds.\

Squashes ripening and curing now.  The first of many.

Illinois Everbearing Mulberry is a pale green.  Not due to insufficient nitrogen.  It's been that way every year, and in 2 locations.  Other trees nearby are fully green.

The Four Saved Chinese Bean Seeds.  9.17.15

Atypical Large Red French Marigold.  9.17.15
The first Chinese Haws here.    Great to have a start.

This is the Year of the Squashes.  Lots to eat during the winter.

Squashes So Far.  9.17.15

Mulberry Illinois Everbearing.  9.17.15

Chinese Haw Red SUn.  9.17.15


  1. Almost everything we grow need a window of opportunity for it to flourish. I think your Chinese is such a case. Also location is another factor. My friend David gave me some Chinese Amaranth seedlings just couple of week ago. I guess because I was on vacation, they died. His was going to seed while it was just 2 inches. My anastasi bean was rather low yield but I have enough to play with next yr. Looking forward to your beans grow better next yr. There's nothing better to have different kinds of beans. I like the Chinese Haw also so attractive looks like little apples. I think I would try it if I can find it; where you get it? Talking about apples, when I came back from vacation, all but 1 apple survived the coon attack. They must know I wasn't home.

  2. Lance, the Chinese Haw came from Raintree Nursery. I think One Green World also has them. And most likely other nurseries.