Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bee Garden Observations and Progress Report. 9.13.15

First Year Bloom, Agastache.  9.13.15

Buckwheat Falling Over.  9.13.15
Most of these are first year growth on perennials.  Expected to reach full bloom and maturity next year.

Agastache / Anise hyssop  is blooming now, first year.  Maybe I should start some earlier next year, for more plants and earlier start on blooming.  As it is, I'm surprised.  No bees on them yet.

Buckwheat now falling over.  Very few flowers appear to have set grain, so far.

Joe Pye Weed starting to bloom.  No bees on that so far.  It's just one plant.  Maybe they need more.

Milkweed, Asclepius syriaca remaining fairly small.  Expect full growth and bloom next year.

Chinese chive, Allium tuberosum, discussed already today.

I also planed two grocery store packs of ornamental alliums.  "Gladiator" and a giant blue one.  They bloom Spring or early Summer.
First Year Bloom, Joe Pye Weed.  9.13.15
First Year, Milkweed and Chinese Chive.  9.13.15


  1. Is Joe Pye Weed a perennial? I accidentally planted it last yr and was an insect magnet. I wasn't able to ID it until seeing your photo. My garden is pitiful being away on vacation and was very hot here. On the positive side didn't loose any important plants while I was gone, got every potted plants sitting in a bucket with some water soaking them. Just harvest most of everything turning over soil and looking forward into the winter season veg. Sadly, there's no seeds available in the store and I have to order online. Arrrrr... how idiotic.

  2. Lance, Joe Pye weed is a perennial, as you say. It should come back year after year. I hope your plants recover. Some times when I lose some, it awakens me to the fact that some of those were too much trouble. After this hot dry summer, I wonder if I need to grow more cacti and succulents.