Sunday, September 21, 2014

Today's Kitchen Garden Yield. 9.21.14

Kitchen Garden Yield.  9.21.14
Fingerling potatoes, Asian Pears, more Tomatoes, various winter squash, a yellow summer squash, okra, various peppers, containerized Thai and Tabasco peppers, and probably some things I forgot.

This is one of our best garden yields ever, for this time of year.  Very happy with the result.


  1. Cornucopia of a great harvest! I have a feeling you dont' just have a green finger but your entire hand is also green. I've tried growing pepper this yr. Its mostly an indoor plants here in SF, a gardening friend gifted a monsano pepper seedling so I planted it in the ground. I also shop for thai chilli at the farmer's market and have lots of seeds and seedlings is slow growing. The pears are mouth water.... Fingerlings.... my fav.

  2. Its all a learning process. I do love gardening. Fall will be kind of a blessing as I take a break and clean up and regroup and plan for next year. The Tabascos were started at xmas time - so it's pretty close to a year round endeavor!