Thursday, September 04, 2014

Moving a few bearded iris clumps. 9.3.14

Transported Iris Clumps.  9.3.14

Immortality, settled into place  9.3.14
 I moved 3 bearded iris clumps to the Battleground beds.  Two replace clumps that were lost this spring.  Immortality - which wasn't immortal, but is a nice white iris - and Accent.

I moved the clumps as intact as possible.  The soil was very dry.  In their locations, somewhat crumbly, not like a brick.

Into bags, then to the new location.

Again, I used unamended soil to replace soil where the prior clumps had died, or were moved out.

Then cleaned out the weeds, cut off dead leaves, watered them in carefully, and sprayed the leaves with neem.

This is the one watering until nature provides.

I think it helps a lot to write the name on a couple of leaves, via sharpie.   Less chance for mix-up.

Now they have copper labels too.

I also moved "Spiced Custard", which is not a historic iris, but I like.  It did not have enough room.  Now it does.

Accent, trimmed, cleaned up, neemed.
These irises from the Vancouver yard did not have any fungal spot at all.  They had less care than  the ones in the Battleground yard, drier and no TLC.  Which supports my contention that over-nurtured the Battleground irises.

Immortality, replanted, cleaned up, and neemed


  1. I struggle to keep up on the labeling because the critters around my yard is very active, no tag is goof proof. Sharpie is very useful if all else fail.
    There are a lot of detective work involve to try to guess the correct names because the labels disappeared. I now keep a journal with names and dates and how many items so I can back track myself.

  2. It is challenging. I try to be diligent. I'm not certain of some of my grafts now. When / if they fruit, I will know.

    Keeping a photo record helps. I also sometimes make maps.

    This blog is a big part of how I keep track. It's a journal, similar to what you do I imagine.