Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Planting Spring Bulbs. 9.21.14

Bulbs planted 9.21.14
I always plant bulbs this time of year.  Some have persisted and multiplied for a decade.  Some others seem to fade away with time.

At Battleground, deer eat tulips, muscari, and some of the others.  So none of those planted.

These "Joy of Gardening" bulbs from Fred Meyer are not reliable as far as color - last year the Anemone mix was all blue, and the daffodil mix was all the same.  But they grew well and it's OK.  These are the ones I planted this year.

Jetfire is early and very bright.  I have some that have multiplied for more than 10 years.  Ice Follies is also a nice variety.  I was going to move some, but it's easier to start over with new ones.  The double mix, we'll see what happens.

I usually plant narcissus in clumps of 3 to 6.  Instead of a single hole for each bulb, I did a "group hole" with shovel, place the bulbs, and cover.  The anemones, I pulled out the hard-scape tree edging around a ginkgo, planted the anemones, and filled in with soil.  The mulched area under the trees needs to be wider, so the edging is not needed or helpful.  It made for easy planting.

I have more to move when they sprout in Spring. This is enough for now.  I don't want to buy more than I can plant.  This was about 100 bulbs.  They will brighten Spring a little more.

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