Sunday, September 15, 2013


LSU "Tiger" Fig
 This is the first fig from the LSU "Tiger" fig that I started from cutting earlier this year.  There is a red tinge.  The fig was near ground level.  An animal had removed it from the tree and ate out the other side.  As a result of exposure, the inside was somewhat moldy and did not appear edible, so I did not taste it.

This is the first fig of the year from the Battleground place.  The situation for this tree - just a start - is so unnatural, I won't predict what that means for next year.  By "unnatural", I mean the tree was started from cutting in January, given TLC on the deck all summer long, and planted in the ground in late summer.  The big test now - will this Louisiana - bred fig survive a Pacific NW winter?

"Petite negri" Fig tree
 Petite negri fig tree.  from fig forum, properly named "Aubique petite".   Lots of ripening figs now.  Tree is about 13 years from a small twig-sized start.
"Hardy Chicago" fig tree.

Fig harvest today
 Hardy Chicago fig tree.  Fair production now.  I missed some, overripe.  About 10 years from a cutting start.

Also harvesting Lattarula figs.  Those are the sweetest of the bunch.  The fig harvest photo includes a few figs - I had a much larger bowl of figs not included.

Not pictured, yet, is a ripening fig on Carini.  Like the Tiger fig, also on a tree started from cutting this year, and at ground level.  I placed some plastic mesh around the fig last night.  Check today for whether the fig is still there and intact.


  1. would you like to trade some fig tree branch cuttings? if so please email me at I have several varieties and would be happy to trade a few 6-8 inch cuttings with you

  2. Thanks for posting your fig projects. You've pather the way for me as well to grow them in Renton.

  3. I am planning to put LSU tiger in ground, would you let me know your results of your in ground tree pleases.

    1. LSU Tiger has survived historic cold winters, in ground, for 5 years so far. The tree is thriving. No brebas this year, but the fall crop looks promising. We had a big drought this summer. I only watered them 3 times. The tree is looking very good.

  4. Daniel, Thanks for your reply about LSU Tiger, I live in Canada, it is hard and expensive to get LSU tiger, It was small plant, I planted it in ground at July, It is Xmas time, weather is very cold and ground freezing, I added more mulch at the base and cover it up with plastic cover, It doesn't look good at all for now, we will see what happen at Spring.