Saturday, September 07, 2013

Kitchen Garden


Pepper Barrel
 I think this is the Idaho-developed Cougar Mountain watermelon.  Watching closely for signs of ripeness.
Minnesota Midget Canteloupe

Fruit harvest

Container-grown Peppers
The pepper barrel grew great this year.  It always does well.  I'm happy with these.  The reds are "Italian Roaster".  The little red is "Thai" pepper.  There are others.

Also watching closely for the "Minnesota Midget" canteloupe.

Loved the fruit harvest.  That was from the Vancouver back yard.  Lattarula figs, Hawaiian Pineapple tomatoes, Italian Roaster peppers, various Asian pears, and a few peaches - forget the variety.  Genetic dwarf peach.  Was surprised to get any.  The tree has quite a few more, not ripe yet. 

Those "Hawaiian Pineapple" tomatoes are really good.
"Hawaiian Pineapple" Tomato

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