Sunday, May 19, 2013


This is the Weigela I bought at Schreiner's last week.  It was in a 1-gallon container.  Large plant but pot bound.  I suspect it's a start from one of the big weigelas in their show garden, likely an old or heritage variety.
I pruned the roots so they will grow into the surrounding soil instead of winding around.  That might leave it more susceptible to dehydration but better in the long run.  The soil is fairly high clay so should retain moisture.  I mulched with compost then straw.  It will need watering this summer.

Weigelas are listed as deer resistant, drought tolerant, and pollinator friendly.  I saw honeybees pollinating them at Schreiner's.  They are also listed as hummingbird friendly.

I think this one will grow large, based on the ones I saw at the show garden.

If they bloom on growth that occurs early spring the year before, it might not bloom next year.  If they bloom on growth that occurs after flowering, there is a better chance of blooming next year.

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