Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bearded Iris Order

Gingersnap 1965
Gracchus 1884
 It's a rainy day, 4th day in a row.  Chilly, 40s.  Not inspired to work in the rain in the garden.

Even though I'm streamlining in some ways, and giving up some varieties, I ordered these.  Mainly for the heritage varieties and fragrance.

Gingersnap is described as having a root beer scent.

Gracchus is not described as scented.  I saw a bed of this variety at Schreiner's.  It is better in person than in the catalog.

Owyhee Desert is unusual.  The flowers are described as smaller than most.  Good in a rainy climate were the big flowers fall over.

Photos are from Schreiner's.  Since I'm linking to them, I hope it's OK that I'm posting them here.  Every order from them has been excellent.
Owyhee Desert 1997

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